Discover Scuba

If you always wanted to but haven’t tried to understand what diving is and to see the underwater world and feel all the breathtaking emotions, and gain experience that will be memorable for the rest of your life – try a Discover Scuba program for beginners. Just for the day you will be able to immerse into the world of diving and do your first 2 dives in safe conditions. Diving will surely make your life more exciting!  

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

    This is a perfect way to try out diving and see if you like it. An experienced instructor will give you a briefing, will explain you how to behave underwater and will show you some helpful exercises.  Then, under his supervision, you’ll do your first dive.

●        Average depth – 6 meters (maximum 12)

●        The duration of the dive – up to 40 minutes

●        Minimum age for children – 10 years

●        The knowledge you gain from supervised diving will be helpful if you decide to continue diving.

One day diving tour is a great way to do your first dive.

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